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And there in the wood, a piggy-wig stood, with a ring at the end of his nose...

his nose, with a ring at the end of his nose

15 March
lets see, a mini biography, what should i say? i like stuff that makes me or my friends happy and i dislike stuff that makes myself or others unhappy. I like the smell of a bakery, but i could never work there coz i'd eat everything and get terribly fat; the smell of old books,knowing that they have been handled by many other people and loved; the feel of mud between my toes, all squishy and oozy; dancing in heavy rain and getting all wet; small comfy corners where i can snuggle up in a big doona (if it's cold) with my cat and a book and nibbles and coffee; libraries because they have so many lives in them, places i can go and feel things other than my own boring feelings, where i have magic and so many other wonderful things happen (aren't i such a little nerd?!?!), they are also nice and quiet. what else? i dislike drugs and drinking and emotions because they make me feel out of confrol and i hate that. i like flowers, mainly the pretty little ones that you find growing wild in your lawn or some mountain or similar, same as small plain birds, i guess i feel sorry for them cause everyone likes fancy lillies or roses or flouncy birds and don't notice the small beauty of the others, i guess i relate to them. What else? what do you put in a bio? I'm south african, i came to Australia in November 1999, i have a scanky little sister who is 2 years younger than me and taller than me, my parents are still married and have just passed their 26th anniversary, or something similar. I am very un-technological and Sarah Kenny won't let me touch her phone cause i might do bad things to it. This is the bit i will quiz you on, it is the most important bit: my leg is itchy.

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